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I love getting book recommendations — especially when they are books I’ve never heard of.  Reading this piece by Errol Morris made me want to stop what I’m doing right now and run out and get these books.

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They don’t seem to understand why it’s not okay to use words like “slutty” or “knocked up” aimed at women. 

Keith Olbermann even asked “Is it in fact appropriate to use that one word, ‘slutty,’ in any joke about a woman politician, or should that be out of bounds?”

This really confuses men.  They are surprised to hear that it might not be okay to make jokes like that.   Well, at least about respected female politicians (it’s of course okay to joke about other women being sluts).

Sam Seder didn’t even think the joke was sexist!  From The Daily Howler:

SEDER: I mean, she—it’s like T-ball with her. It’s not even softball. I mean, she just literally holds it out there. And frankly, I don’t even think that joke was sexist, per se. Letterman has—

TOOBIN: Look, there are certain rules, I think. Look, we are talking about jokes. But I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s just a joke. You can have offensive jokes. It’s not a free range. Just— If you say, “it’s just a joke,” you can say anything. It just seems to me that referring to a public figure, a woman, as a slut, it just— You know, that’s a line you shouldn’t cross.

SEDER: But he, but he didn’t do that! He said—he talked about her slutty makeup!

TOOBIN: “Slutty flight attendant.”

SEDER: Well, no, but he—

He didn’t call Palin a slut, Seder said. He was talking about her slutty appearance! There really is a big difference there, the gentleman thoughtfully said.

The cluelessness there is just stunning. Presumably, this resembles the way most white people “reasoned” in 1935. In that era’s majority entertainment, it was routine to subject African-Americans to standard forms of ridicule. People like Seder couldn’t see the problem with that. The jokes weren’t “racist, per se”—and everyone laughed! What was the fuss all about?

Of course, these are the same people who spent weeks beating up on Miss California for saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  You know, essentially the same stated position that Obama, the Clintons, John Kerry and most Democrats have.  But they’re not young and pretty!  The more attractive the woman, the more men like to show off how sexist they are.

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